Most wealthy families and successful businesses hire teams of trusted advisors, including wealth managers, consultants and attorneys to help plan and manage their wealth. At the same time, seldom do these same individuals take the necessary time to manage their healthcare.

A family would not Google "How do I manage my family fortune?" So, why is it that when a health issue presents itself, the internet is used as a primary resource? As a friend in this space once said, "WebMD should not be a second opinion." Considerations such as which physicians to see, what care to pursue, and what health plan should be selected are critically important questions. Because of the complexity of the healthcare system and the importance of these decisions, an experienced healthcare expert can often help guide the way.  

I have been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years and I understand how the complexities of the system sometimes prevents people from getting optimal care. I wanted to help people get the best care possible.  I started a firm to advance this goal.

There is no reason to leave these important medical decisions to the last minute when you can plan ahead and create peace of mind. The best way to avoid a last- minute crisis is to create a health plan. Contact Better Health Advisors for a complimentary consultation.