In these uncertain COVID19 times we are overwhelmed with constantly hanging and mixed information.  We are forced to make countless decisions, some small, such as daily tasks, and others big, including when to return to work, visits with others, and family vacations. With these decisions, we can feel overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated. Having a plan and relying on experts can help.  Better Health Advisors recommends taking a 3-step approach to make decisions:

  • Assess Your Situation.
  • Before making decisions, determine if you or your family members are healthy. If someone in your immediate circle is in a high-risk category, take extra precautions to protect those more susceptible to severe illness or complications from COVID19.
  • With stay-at-home orders in place in many states, be sure to unwind and connect with others, while social-distancing.
  • Seek Updated Information from Experts
  • Separating facts from fiction is crucial when making decisions. Use trusted sources including the CDC and WHO.  We can stop the spread of misinformation by differentiating the facts from the misconceptions.
  • Be wary of some information on social media platforms, where biased or distorted information can be shared quickly.
  • Visit BHA’s COVID19 resources for additional support.
  • Make an Informed Plan
  • Once you know your personal risk (and the risk of those around you) and have the latest expert information, you can make good decisions.
  • Stay in touch with your doctor and consider telemedicine for non-COVID19 care.
  • Be flexible and resilient if you are unable to visit people you care about.
  • When in doubt, practice social-distancing to slow the spread of COVID19.

Despite the stress with COVID19, we can work together to make decisions that prioritize the health and safety of you and your loved ones. Better Health Advisors keeps a pulse on the latest COVID19 developments to be able to support you. As the pandemic evolves, let’s stay diligent in making the best decisions for our health.