Great healthcare doesn't just happen. Let's create your plan for better healthcare, together.
Let founder & CEO John Samuels and his Better Health team navigate the healthcare system for you, your family and your future.
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The Better Health Advisors Process


John sits down with you to assess your healthcare status, needs and goals resulting in a comprehensive assessment of your unique situation


John consults with the BHA medical advisory board to create your custom medical plan that details the services, specialists and activities that are recommended for you


John and his expert network create your comprehensive action plan including recommendations for insurance, resources, medical appointments


As your healthcare needs evolve over time, we constantly refine your plan with you to achieve your desired outcomes

What People Say

It isn’t me anymore, fighting all the time to get good care. I'm not alone

—Erica, client 2016

I faced having my foot amputated. I was devastated and didn't know what to do. A friend recommended I speak with John and that's where my story changed 180 degrees. Within 24 hours, John and I had a new plan, giving me access to a specialist whose expertise saved my foot. Rapid assessment and action removed the threat of amputation. And for me, better prospects and better health

—Thomas, client since 2016

I do not feel expert enough to manage my healthcare on my own. John sets up appointments and attends them with me as my tireless advocate whenever I feel the need.  If there is confusion or a problem, he asks the right questions, and finds the quickest way to a solution that I'm comfortable with.

—Alexandra, client since 2017

John's team gathered the critical details of my condition. They validated my treatment plan, explaining to me in plain English why I needed the tests they recommended. Thanks to their evaluation, plan and ongoing support, I felt confident and in control throughout the whole process.

—Dan, client since 2015

I have worked in healthcare for 15 years and consider myself to be well educated and proactive about my own health - but when I recently received a very serious diagnosis, I reached out to John. I knew that his vast knowledge and understanding of healthcare systems and providers, but more importantly, his compassion and understanding of the patient experience, would make him an invaluable source of guidance during my own health care crisis. He can expertly - and kindly - help navigate the often overwhelming challenges in obtaining quality care and treatment.

—Jane, Healthcare Professional, NYC

For the first time in a very long while, I really feel like I have someone on my side, and it is such a relief to know that I can let my guard down, allow myself to be sick and make a mistake or forget some detail, and know that everything isn’t going to fall apart because for right now, it isn’t just me alone anymore, having to fight all the time to get good care, be on top of my bizarre and degenerative disease so I have the best chance of a decent life, make decisions alone, etc.  I just can’t adequately share the relief I am feeling tonight, and that is all because of you.  Thank you. Truly.

—Erica, Executive, NYC

"On several occasions, when I was unsure what to do, I contacted John to help me manage my parent's health care.  My father lives in South Carolina and has had several serious illnesses in the past year. Each time I contacted John, he was accessible and guided us to navigate the complex hospitals and nursing homes in South Carolina.  He quickly gave us expert advice on how to coordinate care for my father.  He even joined calls with our nurse and doctors to make sure that all the right questions were asked when my father was going from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility.  Even though I live far away from my parents, I rested assured that my father was getting great medical care"

—William, Executive New York City

Great healthcare doesn't  just happen.  
Whether it is for you, your family or a loved one, let's create a plan for better healthcare, together.

What We Do

Whether your goal is to tackle a diagnosis, multiple diagnoses, to maintain good health, we can create an actionable plan for you, with you. A plan that is seamless, dynamic and easy to understand

Your strategy and activation are created by John, his associates and the Better Health Medical Advisory Board

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Better Health Advisors' clients rate us at 100% satisfaction 
Our client renewal rate is 100%

Who We Serve

We serve private individuals as well as corporations. Our corporate clients include, RFG Wealth Management, Allective, Hogan Security Group, Clear Employer Services, Good Company Unlimited and MACK Communications.

Meet your Better Health team

John M. Samuels
Founder & CEO
For over 20 years, John has served as a senior healthcare leader in New York City’s top hospitals including Northwell Health (formerly known as North Shore LIJ) and Mount Sinai Beth Israel. John’s tenure in healthcare is marked by a ceaseless effort to improve patient care and satisfaction.
Joseph Habboushe MD
Founder & CMO
Dr. Habboushe is a practicing ER doctor, and also serves as Director of Finance and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at NYU/Bellevue. He earned his medical degree from Weill Medical College of Cornell University, his MBA in Healthcare Finance from Columbia University.
Medical Advisory Board
David Bernard, MD,FACP, FRCP (UK), FCP(SA)
David Bernard is a board-certified nephrologist. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer at the CHEAR Center, and an Honorary Attending Physician at Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center. Over his almost 50-year career, Dr. Bernard has held numerous clinical, executive and academic positions.
Barbara Mann, MD
Barbara Mann is an Assistant Professor in the Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Division at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine. Dr. Mann was inducted into AOA and the Gold Humanism Honor Society for her academic achievement and compassionate patient care.
Mark Melrose DO, FACEP
Mark Melrose has practiced emergency medicine for more than 25 years. He has served as Director of Emergency Medicine at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, New Jersey, and as the Director/Associate Chair of Emergency Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center - Singer Division.

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