Your Health Is Worth It: An Overview of Private Healthcare Options

People who can pay out of pocket have access to many healthcare services and resources.

January 23, 2022

Your health matters. It affects the quality of your life on a daily basis, and it also has an impact on your loved ones, your friends, and your colleagues. Are you giving your health the attention it deserves?

The Covid-19 pandemic has motivated many people to make their health a top priority. People who can pay out of pocket have access to many healthcare services and resources, including concierge medicine, executive health programs, and health advisory. These services can overlap to benefit a patient. For example:

  • A patient enrolls in an executive health program before seeing a new primary care doctor, empowering the doctor to develop an appropriate treatment plan.
  • An executive who has a great concierge doctor at home is hospitalized while traveling. She hires a health advisor to coordinate her care during her hospital stay.  

We put together this overview to help you determine which healthcare services are best for you and your family.

Concierge Medicine

In concierge medicine, the patient pays an upfront annual or monthly fee for personalized care from a primary care physician. A concierge doctor typically takes on fewer patients so that they can give each patient more time and attention.

  • Delivery of Primary Care
  • Better Access to Doctors
  • Shorter Wait Times
  • Longer Appointments
  • Testing & Screening

Executive Health Programs

Many top medical institutions offer executive health programs. Aimed at busy executives with little time for scheduling doctors' appointments, they offer an overall health assessment designed to identify and address potential health problems and promote wellness.

  • Thorough History & Physical Exams
  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Robust Screenings & Testing
  • Advanced Cardiac Testing
  • Personalized Fitness & Nutrition

Health Advisory

Health advisors provide personalized guidance, advocacy, and ongoing support to help people access the best possible health care. Health advisors offer a fresh perspective and creative solutions to even the most complex medical problems.

  • Wholistic Care Management
  • Healthcare Planning and Strategizing
  • Healthcare Quarterback / Team Coordination
  • In-Depth Research and Resources
  • Broad Referral Network/ Second Opinions
  • Follow-up/Implementation of Care
  • Personal Insurance Guidance

If you have questions about whether a concierge doctor or executive health program is right for you, or you need help accessing great care for yourself or a loved one, reach out to an expert health advisor.

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