Have you ever wondered about alternative treatments for a chronic illness? Maybe your doctor has tried every available medication for your condition. Have you ever considered a clinical trial? Are you aware that an alternative may exist for your particular case?

Identifying the best possible clinical trial for your situation can be difficult. Many people rely on   experts to stay up to date on the latest trials and happenings in a particular illness.  They can provide you with a concise summary of the latest information regarding clinical trials, promising research and other key diagnosis related insights.

Experts can also assist you with questions that you can discuss with your doctor about clinical trials and will perform a detailed review of current literature, new treatments from the leading academic institutions and clinicians.

BHA will work with you on understanding various types of clinical trials, how to participate, what are the potential benefits and risks, and ensuring that your safety and privacy are protected. We are knowledgeable professionals who carry out on-going research into clinical trials that are currently recruiting participants throughout the country. We can thus match our interested clients to a trial that is appropriate to their diagnosis and needs.

Be aware that the internet is full of misinformation; it takes experts to tease out the accurate from the misleading and erroneous.