Overcoming an Addiction to Pain Medication

Overcoming an Addiction to Pain Medication

Rachel, 48,  was referred to Better Health Advisors by a friend, because she needed help controlling her chronic pain. She was unable to work or participate in social activities, but didn't realize she had developed an opioid addiction.


Rachel, 48, worked as a paralegal in Chicago until chronic pain left her unable to work or participate in social activities. She had been prescribed a litany of drugs, including opioids. She reached out to Better Health Advisors for help controlling her debilitating pain.


Pain medication can be extremely addictive, especially when it is taken for an extended period of time. As the BHA team got to know Rachel, we conducted an in-depth assessment of her health that suggested she had developed an opioid addiction.

Rachel saw herself as someone in pain who needed relief, and she was reluctant to accept that she had become addicted to painkillers. We provided an understanding, nonjudgmental atmosphere and referred Rachel to a pain management specialist. With our encouragement, she joined a pain treatment program that helps people separate their pain from their addiction.


Rachel was able to successfully detox from her opioid addiction while learning behavioral techniques for coping with chronic pain. She is now back at work part-time and is gradually returning to other activities such as hobbies and visiting family. She has regained a sense of control over her life.

For client confidentiality, all names and identifying details have been changed.

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