Getting an Overwhelmed Executive Back on Track

Tom, a 49-year-old executive in Manhattan

Tom, a 49-year-old executive in Manhattan, was in treatment for Parkinson’s disease, but he wasn't sure it was working. He came to Better Health Advisors to explore his options and get help managing his medical bills.


Tom, a 49-year-old executive in Manhattan, was in treatment for Parkinson’s disease, but he wasn't sure it was working. When he came to Better Health Advisors, he was depressed, unmotivated, and overwhelmed by his medical bills.


The BHA team arranged for an expert evaluation of Tom's health, and determined that his Parkinson’s disease was well-controlled with medication and electrical stimulation. We identified that his social isolation and lack of motivation stemmed from his underlying depression. We connected him with a psychiatrist who suggested that he try medication, and prescribed an antidepressant and a potentiating agent.

BHA also brought in a new physical therapist to work with Tom on his walking and a nutritionist who takes him shopping and guides him to make healthier food choices. We arranged specific activities for him to engage in that would stimulate his mind, including art classes.

To help Tom tackle his medical bills, BHA began working collaboratively with his family office and financial advisors on a monthly basis.  We organized his bills and arranged for his team to make the appropriate payments.


Tom’s quality of life has drastically improved. Knowing that BHA is managing his medical bills has taken a burden off of his shoulders and given him peace of mind. With BHA's guidance, he has become more involved in social activities, including a specialized exercise class for people with Parkinson’s disease.

For client confidentiality, all names and identifying details have been changed.

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