Health Insurance Advisory

If you need guidance on an individual health insurance plan, a family plan, or a group plan for your employees, Better Health Advisors can help.

Why Choose Better Health Advisors?

Unlike a traditional insurance broker, Better Health Advisors is independent. We are not affiliated with any insurance companies or healthcare facilities. We have no financial incentive to recommend a patient to a particular company, program, or provider. Our only interest is your health and wellness.

Our custom offerings are tailored to your unique needs.

Health Needs Assessment – Our team of experts will speak with you to understand your health situation, your past insurance usage, and your health and wellness goals.
Current Plan Review – We will review your current insurance coverage and explore how well your plan meets your current health and wellness needs.
New Plan Recommendations We will recommend relevant and comprehensive insurance plan options, including medical, dental, vision, prescription, and supplemental coverage plans. 
How to Maximize Benefits We will explain your new plan to you in plain English, allowing you to leverage all plan benefits in support of your health and wellness.
Vetting Doctors - Since changing insurance plans sometimes necessitates a new medical team, we also ensure that you have the right doctors to meet your specific needs.
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Finding Treatment for a Struggling Teen

Alison, 15, was showing signs of severe depression and an eating disorder. Her father was unsure how to help her, until Better Health Advisors provided treatment guidance and mental health support. Read Alison's story.

Alison, 15
Student, Manhattan

Managing a Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

Laura, 52, was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. She also has moderate Parkinson’s disease. Her daughter, Meredith, called Better Health Advisors because she was concerned about her mother's care. Read Laura’s story.

Laura, 52
Analyst, Long Beach

Overcoming an Addiction to Pain Medication

Rachel, 48,  was referred to Better Health Advisors by a friend, because she needed help controlling her chronic pain. She was unable to work or participate in social activities, but didn't realize she had developed an opioid addiction. Read Rachel’s story.

Rachel, 48
Paralegal, Chicago

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