The Better Health Advisors Process


We listen to you.

Everyone's healthcare needs are different, and we want to understand your situation. We'll ask about your current health, medical needs, preferences, and goals, and listen closely as you share your experiences. Everything you tell us is completely confidential.


We create a customized healthcare plan for you.

The Better Health Advisors team consults with our Medical Advisory Board and designs a detailed plan, including services, specialists, and activities, to help you achieve better health. We explain our recommendations in plain English and walk you through the next steps.


We provide ongoing support.

As your healthcare needs evolve, we will work with you to refine and update your health plan. We encourage you to reach out whenever you have questions or need additional guidance.

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Getting an Overwhelmed Executive Back on Track

Tom, a 49-year-old executive in Manhattan, was in treatment for Parkinson’s disease, but he wasn't sure it was working. He came to Better Health Advisors to explore his options and get help managing his medical bills. Read Tom's story.

Tom, 49
Executive, Manhattan

Managing a Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

Laura, 52, was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. She also has moderate Parkinson’s disease. Her daughter, Meredith, called Better Health Advisors because she was concerned about her mother's care. Read Laura’s story.

Laura, 52
Analyst, Long Beach

Overcoming an Addiction to Pain Medication

Rachel, 48,  was referred to Better Health Advisors by a friend, because she needed help controlling her chronic pain. She was unable to work or participate in social activities, but didn't realize she had developed an opioid addiction. Read Rachel’s story.

Rachel, 48
Paralegal, Chicago