Top Summer COVID-19 Tips

Here are the top 10 tips for a healthy summer.

May 25, 2020

With Memorial Day upon us, we are typically packing for the beach or the mountains to escape from our everyday routines. With social distancing measures in place, we are a little stir crazy and want to enjoy the warm weather. Yet, social distancing and hand-washing practices remain important to slow the spread of COVID-19. As we experience this unique Memorial Day weekend, here are some considerations for an enjoyable, safe summer while we continue to do our part to combat the spread of infection. 

Here are the top 10 tips for a healthy summer: 

  1. Stay Informed. Information changes fast, so seek updated, expert information from trusted sources about COVID-19 in your local area and any places you are considering as a destination. As states reopen and people emerge, we need to be careful as travelling can spread the virus. Also, expect vacation communities to be crowded
  2. Assess Your Individual Risk. Perform an individual COVID-19 assessment to understand your individual risk and precautions to take. 
  3. Create a Plan for Vacation. Think through vacation scenarios, such as transportation, hotels, dining, and activities that put you in close contact with other people. If plans change, be flexible to stay safe. 
  4. Be Careful About Breaking Your Current COVID-19 Link. Many people are hoping to vacation with people outside their current COVID-19 link, but introducing new people brings additional risk. 
  5. Carefully Consider Travel. Although airlines are increasingly focused on sanitation measures, airplanes are tight spaces. If you are flying commercial, continue best practices of masking and hand-washing. Better options may be flying private or renting an RV.  
  6. Enjoy Summer Outdoors. We know that the virus is transmitted much more often indoors than outdoors, so walking on the beach or at the park is safer than going into crowded stores and restaurants. 
  7. Assess and Plan for Lifestyle Activities. Before venturing outside of your house, know the risk of everyday activities and plan accordingly to minimize exposure.  
  8. Stay Active. Summer is a good time to exercise, and you can safely participate in many activities
  9. Enjoy the Water. Traditional summer activities of boating and swimming are fine. Experts say no evidence exists that COVID-19 spreads in water.
  10. Research the Medical Capabilities of Your Destination. Understand the medical community where you are travelling to and plan where you would seek care if needed.

Despite these unusual times, you can still have an enjoyable summer. Remember, experts at BHA are always available to help support your healthcare needs. 

We wish you a happy and healthy Memorial Day! 

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