The face of healthcare is constantly evolving. At Better Health Advisors, we stay on top of trends so that we can best prepare for changes. Here are our top 5 healthcare predictions and trends for 2019.

  1. Technology. Technology is transforming healthcare, from artificial intelligence that can help fill the shortage of healthcare providers, to mHealth and wearables that track health metrics. There is also a surge in telehealth, which improves access to healthcare, especially for those in rural areas where access to care is limited.
  2. Transparency. There has been a push towards greater transparency, with hospitals sharing data on quality, access, cost and patient satisfaction.  A new federal law requires hospitals to post all full-charge services online. However, critics argue that consumers can’t easily understand the charges.
  3. Mental health and addiction. The opioid crisis has taken our nation by storm and has brought up many questions about the face of addiction and a lack of access to mental health services. Resources are lacking, especially for those who cannot afford to pay privately.
  4. Mergers and horizontal consolidation. The healthcare landscape has consolidated into fewer hospital systems in an effort for hospitals to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and share expertise. However, this consolidation creates less competition (which can hurt the consumer), and may lead to compatibility issues in terms of IT systems and electronic medical records.
  5. Health advisory and personalized care. This includes health advocacy, as well as a movement toward concierge medicine. We also see an increase in private ERs and VIP floors in hospitals. We see these changes in response to current challenges in our healthcare system, leaving those who can afford it to seek private, personalized care.

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