Our Most-Read Newsletters of 2021 2021: The Year in Health

To close out the year, we took a look back at which newsletters were most popular with our readers in 2021.

December 26, 2021

As the Better Health Advisors team prepares for 2022, we’re also reflecting on the previous year. In 2021, we continued to use this weekly newsletter to keep you informed on everything from the importance of vaccinations, to managing anxiety, to finding reliable health information online.

To close out the year, we took a look back at which newsletters were most popular with our readers in 2021. In case you missed them the first time around, you can use the links below to read them on the Better Health Advisors website.

BHA’s 5 Most-Read Newsletters of 2021

1. Q&A with Alphonso David, President, Human Rights Campaign
LGBTQ people often face health disparities, and Covid-19 has hit this community especially hard. We interviewed Alphonso David about the Human Rights Campaign’s work to end discrimination against LGBTQ people.

2. Who's Your Healthcare Quarterback?
For health advisors, it’s easy to see parallels between the world of healthcare delivery and the world of professional football. Everyone needs a healthcare quarterback. So, who is calling the plays for your health and wellness?

3. ALK-Positive Lung Cancer: My Mother’s Story
John Samuels, Better Health Advisor's founder and CEO, shares a personal story about his mother’s ALK-positive lung cancer diagnosis. Inspired by his own experiences, he offers advice on how to maintain a sense of perspective while helping to manage a loved one’s care.

4. As Healthcare Needs Change, the Best Solutions Change, Too
Beverly Shenkman, M.A., M.Ed, is a Senior Advisor with Better Health Advisors. In this newsletter, she explains how the BHA team provided support for a married couple when the wife began showing signs of dementia. We guided them through several care transitions to make sure she got the care she needed.

5. Expressing Gratitude Is Good for Your Health
Giving thanks can make you happier, help you handle adversity, strengthen your relationships, and improve your health. It’s also important in healthcare settings. The BHA team has seen first-hand how mindfulness and gratitude can make a difference in patient care.

Thanks for reading. We look forward to helping you stay healthy in 2022 and beyond.

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