Is Being Insured Enough?

If you have ever been confused about your health insurance, rest assured, you are not alone.

April 8, 2021

Key Takeaways:

  1. A recent study revealed that many consumers do not understand their health insurance plan.
  2. This confusion can lead to difficulty accessing care, being denied coverage, and facing unanticipated medical bills.
  3. Researchers recommend consulting with a trained health insurance navigator to mend the gap between having health insurance and accessing quality care.

“Having health insurance is an invaluable asset, but what good is it if people can’t understand how to use it?”  — Victor Villagra, Health Disparities Institute

If you have ever been confused about your health insurance, rest assured, you are not alone. A recent report by the Health Disparities Institute found that “many consumers who obtain insurance through Connecticut’s health care exchange don’t understand the plans they buy — and can struggle to access care as a result.” In addition, individuals “experienced administrative hassles, delays in care, denials of coverage, and receive unexpected medical bills.” These results mirror findings from several national studies

To combat this widespread problem, researchers suggest that:

  1. Insurance companies simplify their language and make plans easier to understand.
  2. Individuals use trained professionals, or health insurance ‘navigators,’ who can help them understand their plan.

As our health care system continues to change and becomes increasingly fragmented, the disconnect between care delivery and insurance coverage is widening. While the focus has been on ensuring access to health insurance, there is mounting evidence that simply having health insurance coverage does not guarantee that one can access care or achieve good health. Here at Better Health Advisors, we can help mend this gap by helping you select a health insurance plan that is aligned with your health care needs, and ensure you are fully maximizing your benefits.

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