Health insurance is one of those things that you might not think about until you really need it. When healthy people fell ill with Covid-19 and, in some cases, required extensive hospital care, it highlighted the importance of having good health insurance.

As the United States begins to recover from the pandemic, many people are still feeling its effects, including unemployment. To help more Americans access health insurance coverage, the open enrollment period for marketplace insurance has been extended until August 15th for participating states.

Have a company-sponsored health insurance plan? Even if the open enrollment period doesn’t affect you, I encourage you to set aside some time to make sure you have the right health insurance for your needs. Many company-sponsored plans have made changes in response to Covid-19, so this is a great time to assess your coverage.

If you get your health insurance through the marketplace, here’s some information that you may find helpful:

What is open enrollment?

  • Open enrollment is a period during which people are able to enroll in health plans through the marketplace exchange, also referred to as Obamacare. Open enrollment typically spans from November - January, but due to Covid-19, a special three-month enrollment period began on February 15th. This week, it was extended for another 3 months, through August 15th.

Why would I need to enroll in marketplace insurance?

  • If you are uninsured due to retirement or unemployment, or if you want to change the coverage you currently have through the marketplace, this special enrollment period allows you to do that. If you are unsure what type of coverage your current plan gives you, review the Summary of Benefits from your insurance provider, and consider how much a health crisis might cost you.

Why would I change my plan if I am already enrolled in a marketplace plan?

  • Before Covid-19, people may not have looked closely at the details of their health insurance plans, a task that is vital to prevent a medical crisis from turning into a financial crisis. As the pandemic has shown us, a medical crisis can be unexpected and unavoidable, but having the right health insurance in place is key.

Here at Better Health Advisors, we guide our clients on choosing the right health insurance, so they can be prepared for any situation. Navigating the marketplace can be a daunting task, but with the help of a health advisor, you can be certain that you are prepared for any care you might need. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please visit our website or contact John at