Facing Cancer During COVID-19

As an example of the BHA process, we put together a case study that’s a composite of a few recent BHA clients. 

July 20, 2020

A global pandemic doesn’t mean that other health concerns can wait. If a doctor diagnoses you or a loved one with a severe illness, it’s important to learn about your options and get treatment — but COVID-19 makes that process more complex. A health advisor can help you access great care, even in these unusual circumstances.

As an example of the Better Health Advisors process, we put together a case study that’s a composite of a few recent BHA clients. 

Facing Cancer During COVID-19

BHA client Nancy*, 68 years old and living in Sarasota, Florida, was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Her overall health added a few complications. Her doctor recommended a particular course of treatment, but when she went for a second opinion, that doctor suggested a different treatment. After hearing about Nancy’s health concerns, a former BHA client recommended Nancy that she contact Better Health Advisors.

First, the BHA team conducted an initial assessment to understand Nancy’s unique needs. Then, Anne Herlick, a Family Nurse Practitioner on the BHA team, used her extensive oncology experience, listened to the patient’s recordings of doctors appointments, and translated the doctors’ recommendations into language Nancy could understand. Anne also answered questions from the entire family, so that they could all support Nancy, allow her to make an informed decision, and feel comfortable about how to move forward.

“Often, patients miss key information because they’re nervous, they’re anxious, and it’s in a language they don’t understand.” – Anne Herlick, MSN, FNP-BC

BHA didn’t want Nancy to have to travel for treatment, which might increase her risk of coronavirus exposure. Instead, BHA leveraged its professional network of medical providers as a resource to identify the best specialists in her area. 

Because of the pandemic, doctors and hospitals are taking special precautions, and as a result, many surgeries are being delayed and rescheduled. Many doctor’s offices are only allowing a patient to be accompanied by one advocate or family member. BHA worked with Nancy’s family to make sure all of her appointments were recorded so that the BHA team and her family could review what the doctors shared.   

When Nancy and her family decided on a course of treatment, the BHA team coached Nancy on the best approach to expedite an appointment with the specialist who was selected. Once the surgery was scheduled, BHA gave her specific instructions on how to plan for her hospital stay. Post-surgery, BHA will stay in touch with her through the recovery process. 

Better Health Advisors supports our clients and their families and helps them navigate the healthcare system, even in a pandemic.

*For client confidentiality, identifying information has been changed.

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