BHA Perspective - Companies Step Up for Public Health

Better Health Advisors is inspired by these corporations who have made a difference during COVID-19.

May 17, 2020

Watching the evolution of corporations (small and large) step up to support frontline workers and the public has been one of the brightest spots of the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditionally, corporations were recognized and admired for providing exemplary employee health benefits. Now, many corporations are standing out and stepping up to contribute to public health through their different efforts. They deserve recognition. Better Health Advisors is inspired by these corporations who have made a difference during COVID-19.

Pivoting and Expanding Business Operations

  • Noticing the COVID-19 challenges of limited stockpiles of PPE and disrupted supply chains, companies outside of the healthcare industry quickly adapted their business models. For example, the Pac Team Group, a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury displays and exhibits, quickly directed its factories to produce thousands of face shields for healthcare workers.
  • As COVID-19 is easily transmitted within households, Airbnb made a meaningful contribution to keep families of frontline workers safe by offering 100,000 spaces for frontline workers to stay around the world. Similarly, Hilton Hotels is donating 1 million hotel rooms to healthcare workers and first responders.
  • During these uncertain, disconnected times, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile partnered to provide hospitals with thousands of phone chargers for COVID-19 patients to connect with loved ones.

Rapid Production and Distribution of Supplies

  • Many universities, including Columbia, Duke, and Michigan State are capitalizing on available 3D printers to prototype and produce face shields. Also, MIT is utilizing a low-cost technique for mass producing face shields. At the University of Arizona, 3D printers are making N95 masks for frontline workers.
  • Crocs and Allbirds donated thousands of pairs of shoes to healthcare workers to alleviate the stress from standing most of the day.
  • To keep up with hospital demand, Canada Goose is mass producing gowns and masks.

Mental Health Resources

  • Anyone affected by COVID-19 in need of mental health support can access free resources from therapists with Talkspace.
  • Recognizing the psychological burden of the pandemic, Headspace offers healthcare workers free access to its platform, including new meditations daily and mind exercises, to reduce feelings of burnout following long days.

Discounts/Financial Support

  • We’ve seen that work and school are interconnected, yet not all parents have the ability to work from home. Frontline workers in need of help with children, elderly parents, or pets, receive one month free on
  • With students of all ages switching to online classes, Logitech provides teachers with free webcams and headsets to ease the transition. Also, Audible, by Amazon, is giving children free access to educational resources and audiobooks to continue learning.
  • In line with the CDC recommendation to wear cloth face masks, JoAnn Fabrics gave free cloth to mask-making volunteers, who donated over 100 million masks.
  • Essential employees in New York City can bike to work with a free Citi Bike membership, which allows employees to avoid the subway.

Collaborative Efforts

  • Another hopeful endeavor within the COVID-19 response is the new public-private partnership between New York State and Bloomberg Philanthropies to hire and train thousands of contact tracers.
  • In the race for a COVID-19 vaccine and therapies, the Gates Foundation has contributed over $250 million to support global efforts.

It is very encouraging to see so many corporations and public-private partnerships springing up to fight this war against COVID-19 on so many fronts.  BHA is rooting for all of these ventures to achieve and even exceed their respective objectives.  Along with protecting yourself and your family, please support any of them in any way that you can.  We’re all in this fight together!

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