Taking care of yourself has always involved scheduling challenges—whether you’re trying to make a dentist appointment, find time for a massage, or sign up for a spot in your favorite SoulCycle class before it sells out. But for many people, scheduling a COVID-19 vaccine appointment has been especially difficult.

Better Health Advisors has helped clients get vaccine appointments, and we understand the process. Here are some tips that will help you get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Helpful Tips:

1. Don’t wait. Make sure to register with your state’s vaccination website now, even if you are not yet eligible, so that when your group comes, you will be at the top of the list. Check your state’s website to see when you will be eligible. Select your state on the CDC’s website to get started.

2. Be flexible. When you submit your information (name, DOB, address, email, phone number) to your state’s website, there may be an option asking if you are willing to come in on short notice if there are extra doses available at the end of the day. Say yes.

3. Check back frequently. Keep an eye on your state’s vaccination website as well as the websites for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and other vaccine distribution sites. More appointments could open up at any time.
4. Secure any appointment. Even if you are unsure about your availability, accept any appointment that is available to you. If you live near another state, check for vaccine appointments there, too. You can always try to change the time and date later if necessary.

5. Accept either vaccine. Be willing to accept the vaccine that is made available to you. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are both safe and effective.

6. Talk to your doctor. Check in with your primary care doctor on a regular basis. Ask when they expect to have the vaccine available for patients and if they have any information on how and where you can receive the vaccine as soon as possible.

7. Volunteer. People who volunteer with hospitals or other social services agencies often qualify for vaccination. Many vaccination sites are looking for volunteers to administer the vaccines and those volunteers will be vaccinated.

The BHA team encourages people to get the vaccine as soon as it is available to them. Getting a vaccine appointment may not be easy—but it’s worth the effort.